Free Christmas Card Templates and Overlays for 2012

I promised a gift for you today and I have one I think you all will like!  I certainly had fun creating them!

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My Gift to You

As a photographer, I love to share my images with those I love at Christmas.  And one of the ways I like doing this is through an annual Christmas card.  I wanted to offer you a way to easily share your images with others and hopefully take a little bit of stress out of your holiday!

I have 4 Christmas Card templates and 8 overlays that you can use to create your Christmas card.  I hope you’ll download them, use them and let others know where they can find them.

And when you are using them, I hope you’ll remember how much I appreciate your visits here!

Click the images below to be taken to the download site!!

The overlays are PNG files that can just be dragged and dropped onto your photos using the Move tool (arrow with a plus by it) in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.  Position them and resize them if needed.

The templates have simple instructions on them, but you’ll need to be a little familiar with Photoshop to use them.

And don’t forget that you can download 4 other free templates over on my Facebook page.  Click below to head on over!

Christmas Cards for Facebook Fans