Lightroom Love: Creating a Blurb Photo Book in Lightroom

I recently made a photo book with Lightroom’s new Book Module.  It was a breeze and I just want to share with you a few of the things that made this so simple!

Initial Set Up

Photo Book 1
Head over to the book module and begin setting up your book.  Setup is quick.  You just need to pick the size and type of cover you want.  I really like the Hardcover Image Wrap cover.  Lightroom only gives you the option for the premium papers.  I think this is fabulous since I think this is the type of paper that you’ll be most happy with.  You can turn Blurb’s logo page off or on.  It raises the cost a bit to turn it off.

This area will also keep track of the price of your book as you go.  One of the nice things about Blurb is that the cost to add more pages is relatively small.  For a standard landscape book you can add 20 more pages for between $4 and $7—super reasonable!

Don’t want to send it to Blurb? You can also set your book up to be exported as a PDF or JPEG. Click on the double arrow next to “Blurb”—the first option under the “Book Settings” section title.

Save the Book

Photo Book 2

Go ahead and save the book now even though you haven’t added any pages or photos.  Give it a name that you’d like and click “Create.” By saving it and giving it a name, it will now appear in your Collections Panel with a little book icon to the left of it.  When you hover your mouse over the title of your book, a little arrow will appear.  This arrow will take you directly to your book in the Book Module.  Any additions and changes that you make to the book now will automatically be saved.

Find the Photos for the Book

Photo Book 4
You can do this in several different ways.

  • You can make a collection of photos you’d like to include.
  • You can sort photos to include using the Library filter.
  • Or you can go through your photo library folder by folder and pick out photos you’d like to include in your book.

Whatever way you choose to do it, once you find a group of photos that you’d like to include in the book, select them all and drag them to your saved book that now shows in the collections panel with a book icon next to it.  Once you have all the photos for your book (or enough that you want to start working on the book), click on the little arrow that appears when you hover over your book name in the collections panel.  This will take you directly to your book.

Creating Your Book

Photo Book 3

As you begin putting the book together, you really only need to know a few things.

  1. Templates: Lightroom has lots of nice, simple templates for you to choose from.  They are organized into how many photos are on the template and by use (wedding, travel, etc.)  You can access the templates by having the page you want to add a template to selected and then clicking on the down-arrow that appears below the page.  To see the templates with 1 photo, click on 1 Photo and the templates will appear.  Add any templates that you find yourself using over and over again to your favorites by right-clicking on the template and clicking “Add to Favorites.”
  2. Adding Pages:  You can add more pages to your book in the Page Panel.  Click on “Add Blank Page” to add a blank page.  Or, click on “Add Page” to add pages with a specific template.  The template that will be used is the one shown in the Page Panel.  To choose a different template, click on the disclosure arrow on the right of the panel.
  3. Text: Some templates have text areas where you can add text.  Text boxes are shown in the template area with horizontal lines.  You’ll only see them become active when the page is selected and you hover over them.  When you select the text box the text panel (options) become active.  You can change the font, font color, font size, opacity, and alignment.  If you’d like more advanced font options, click on the disclosure arrow next to the color box.  (Hint: You can make columns with the advanced options.

Send Your Book to Blurb

When you are finished adding photos, pages, have proofread any text in your book.  Send the book to Blurb by clicking “Send Book to Blurb” below all the panels on the right side.  You’ll need to log in to your Blurb account or create an account.  Sending it to Blurb will only send the book to them, you’ll need to head over to Blurb once it has been sent and actually order and pay for the book.

Those are the basics.  There is A LOT more this Book Module can do.  Play around and have fun!

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