It’s Here: Take Better Photos-Photography Essentials

After LOTS of work, I am super excited to let you know that my Take Better Photos-Photography Essentials pdf book is ready for purchase!  It’s 84 pages of photography FEAST is available for just $49!  Just saying that brings me immense joy and significant relief (now I can sleep ;)!!!) Here is a sneak peak of what is inside!

And, because you are all so wonderful and have been so patient with me, I have a super bonus for any that choose to purchase this book before the by the end of the month!  With every purchase you’ll receive my 15 page mini-book Take More Meaningful Photos-Photography Essentials for FREE!  This booklet is ready and will be emailed directly to you with every purchase.  At the end of the month this mini-book will be available for purchase for $20.  Not only do you get it NOW, but you get it FREE!

These pdf books have been a labor of love! I absolutely love teaching my classes about how to get better photos from their camera and now that same information will be available to lots of those who don’t live near me!!

To purchase the pdf book, you can head over to the official page or just add the book to your cart RIGHT HERE! ♥





  1. YEA for you!!!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on the release of your book! How absolutely exciting!

  3. Congratulations! It looks amazing.

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