The Lens Loop–Product Review

First of all, I am NOT a camera strap junkie.  I have only owned FOUR in the almost 7 1/2 years that I have owned a SLR camera.

  • The first one I HATED because it was just WAY TOO LONG–even at it’s shortest setting!  Totally must have been made for only a man.  Didn’t keep it around too long.
  • One was just my regular-old Nikon strap.  This one has been my “go-to” strap for most of the aforementioned 7.5 years.  Nothing exciting or comfortable about this one, but it worked!
  • The other one, I got just a few months ago at the Adobe Girls Getaway I attended in SanFrancisco.  It was a Capturing Couture strap and I have LOVED this one because of it’s “cuteness” and thick padding.


The most recent strap I have owned and the one that may be replacing my old one permanently–I am reviewing today.  It is a Lens Loop camera strap and I am sharing it with you because I am really liking the comfort and simplicity of this strap.  It makes the regular ‘ol camera straps seem SO 1980!  Here are a few of the things I love about it:



Have you ever struggled with putting a camera strap on your camera?  Ever looked at the instructions for putting one on and had your eyes cross in confusion?  Ya.  Me, too!  It literally took me more time to get my old strap off than it took to put this one on.  This strap actually attaches to the tripod screw at the bottom of your camera.  SUPER SIMPLE (this won’t be the only time I use this phrase when talking about this strap!)



 It is meant to be worn across the body and allow the camera to hang at your hip.  This means that the weight of the camera doesn’t hang on your neck, but AT YOUR SHOULDER.  And because it is meant to be worn across the body, it won’t fall off your shoulder and is completely hands free.  And EVERY MOM needs their HANDS FREE! You may think, “Then how do you take pictures?”  The truth is that it slings right up to my eye effortlessly–no need to adjust the strap AT ALL!



Maybe I am a total wimp, but I HATE wearing a typical camera strap around my neck.  After about 15 minutes you have some good neck strain going on and I am using my hand to support the camera.  Add a flash to that and it is a chiropractic nightmare!  Pretty much since I remember, I have worn my camera strap on my shoulder–like I would carry my purse.  The only problem with this scenario is that my hands are not totally free.  The strap does slide off and my hands are needed to keep the camera in place.  Enter The Lens Loop.  Totally hands free and doesn’t cause ANY neck strain because it is meant to be worn across the body!



You may wonder why on earth this is a plus.  Well, frankly, I don’t want my camera strap to carry my memory cards.  I don’t want my camera strap to carry my cell phone.   (Have you conjured up images of a weekend fisherman with his fishing vest and 25 pockets? Ya! Me, too!) And I definitely don’t want any confusing “adjustments” or to look more nerdy than I already do carrying my camera everywhere. (Bonus tip: If there needs to be a video about how to attach your camera strap–it is TOO confusing. It’s a camera strap for heavens sake!!)



They cost $35!  AND they’re made in the USA!  As a relatively new company, I can’t help but think they have a bright future.  If you have multiple cameras–no need to buy multiple straps.  Just get an extra connector and put it on the other camera.  The connectors are LESS THAN $10!  I totally need one for the cute Olympus Pen I just reviewed last week!



The only thing I wish were different has to do with the fact that I am a girl and I like pretty fabrics! I’d love if there was the option for some fun bright colors or some pretty patterned fabrics. I got lots of compliments on my previous strap because it was a fun pattern.

As a relatively new company, I can’t help but think they have a bright future.  Definitely take a moment and check out their site and get yourself some relief from your old camera strap neck strain!

This product was provided to me by Lens Loop! No other compensation was received. All thoughts and opinions about this camera strap are my own.

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