Take Better Photos–Christmas Bokeh


Christmas is a great time to get those lovely bokeh circles. The nice thing is that they will happen pretty naturally if you are following a few simple steps.
1) Include Christmas lights in the background of your photos. This is pretty easy to do since lights seems to be a major part of our Christmas decorations. Make sure to keep a bit of distance between your subject and the lights.

2) Shoot with a fairly open aperture. I like to shoot at really open apertures (f/2.0, 2.2, etc.) all the time, but the Christmas bokeh will happen without your aperture being THAT wide. Those little lights are just begging to be circles.

3) Turn off your flash (I think this is a step in most of my “take better photos” posts.) That doesn’t mean that you don’t want good light so take the necessary steps to make sure that you have good light and a proper exposure.


4) Consider switching to manual focus and making those lights out of focus on purpose.

Don’t be afraid to try this with your point and shoot. Experiment with your portrait or macro modes to get similar results.

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